Company Profile


Anapex Technology Inc., established in Feb. 2008, is a professional integrated circuit design house and sales company. In addition to chip design, Anapex also provides system-on-module designs, as well as hardware/firmware development and integration in related application fields. 

After years of continuous technology development and market-oriented product plan, Anapex has developed four main product applications including:

- touch panel applications

- video surveillance applications

- power line communication applications

- optical sensors and positioning applications

Anapex emphasizes core competence and customer satisfaction as the two most important aspects of our business. With our strong focus on low power, mixed-signal design technology, Anapex has developed a rigorous SoC design procedure and assembled a highly experienced research and development team. Anapex has not only developed numerous products for different application fields, but also provided successfull solutions for reduced time-to-market.

Given our foundation of existing technologies and products, Anapex is always seeking to cooperate with customers to meet their product requirements. In keeping with our customer satification oriented buisiness philosophy, we strive to strengthen our cooperation with clients, and to provide firm, ongoing support.

Looking to the future, Anapex will adhere to our philosophy of innovative thinking to pursue products and technology based on the consumer needs and market trends. With a view to be at the forefront of niche technology development, Anapex will deliver more customized industrial control products and specialty applications.