Touch Panels


The touch-screen technology has been adopted in a growing range of applications. Since its launch on projected capacitive touch control ICs in 2010, Anapex has successfully broke into the applications like AIO (all-in-one) computers and industrial/rugged tablet devices. In addition to robustness, Anapex touch products have achieved a high level of excellence in signal to noise ratios (SNR) and improved noise reduction. Not only do our touch products provide water-resistant operations, we are able to distinguish naked finger from gloved material. This enables development of a complete of human-machine interface more quickly and easily.

Moreover, to meet the time-to-market demands of clients, Anapex has launched a new business model of providing of touch modules to reduce required development times. This has been successfully applied to systems including a multimedia information inquiry (KIOSK) and interactive whiteboards over 40" in size. As Anapex has achieved renowned design wins with major touch solution vendors, we will consistently strive to focus on the medium-to-large sized touch screen filed and become the best business partner with long-term cooperation.

-Touch ICs-


-Touch Modules-

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