Video Surveillance


Since our announcement of the first IR switch driver SoC with one-shot output and timing controller in 2011, Anapex has been recognized as the leading solution provider for specialized IR-cut filter removal (ICR) driver ICs (or IR cut motor driver ICs) in the video surveillance market.

In the past, adoption of video surveillance products, such as CCTV cameras, were mainly limited to professional users including corporations and governments for security monitoring. With advancements in smart home and the concept of Internet of Things (IoT), the demand for home security and family monitoring has increased the scope of the IP CAM network camera market. Anapex has therefore developed a series of related products including DC Iris driver ICs and ambient light sensor (ALS) ICs to meet the demands of this emerging market. 

Last but not the least, Anapex's ambient light sensor offers excellent characteristics on linear output and temperature compensation, which enables our products to function reliably in even the most critical and dynamic environmental conditions. These products have been widely adopted by professional and leading video surveillance manufacturers.

Along with LED partners, Anapex has also develop patented technology for a series single-/double-wire RGB ALED (addressable LED) driver ICs, aiming at gaming PC, NB, automotive RGB LED markets.