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Anapex announces Smart RGB LED Driver Chips for emerging applications


Hsinchu, Taiwan - Feb. 15, 2019 – Anapex, a professional integrated circuit design house and sales company, unveils today an all new series of Smart RGB LED Driver Chips that will enable more diverse product portfolios for customers.

Anapex's new Smart RGB LED Driver Chips are equipped with three channel constant current and pulse width modulated controls. This allows the RGB LEDs to perform more efficiently and to a higher level of visual quality, enabling all manners of creative LED applications. The ability to set brightness with constant current is especially beneficial for premium gaming and mood lighting applications. Anapex's new smart chips can also avoid exceeding current limits for the RGB LEDs, prolonging LED life and maintaining brightness levels. This prevents colour shift and increases colour saturation.

More importantly, Anapex's Smart RGB LED Driver Chips have major ease of use advantages, including:

- 2-way Transmission Control:

With an unique one-wire two-way control, Smart RGB LED Driver Chips can retrieve information such as the number of connected LEDs. This allows developers greater control of the environment and to create richer lighting patterns.

- "Y-cable" Lamp Strip Identification:

With a patented "Y-cable" identification method, parallel-connected ALED lamp strips (up to 15 strips) can be identified and hence individually controlled to display different lighting patterns, especially for gaming PC market demands.

- Gamma Correction:

Developers can control the luminescence and contrast of the LEDs via gamma correction. This allows richer, wide colour gamut LED displays to be created.

- Power Saving Mode:

A smart power saving mode significantly reduces power consumption and increases standby times. This is the best solution for all kinds of mobile applications.

Anapex president, Eric Wu, states that, "Anapex Technology's Smart RGB LED Driver Chip is the best solution for LED strips in all varieties of applications. The development of the display chip is a testament to Anapex's ability to successfully enhance product portfolios."

The Smart RGB LED Driver Chip series have been qualified by Anapex's clients, and is expected to enter mass production in 1Q19. Please contact Anapex ( for more product information.